Our Services

From advice on corrosion-resistant materials to the development of corrosion protection coatings, we cover the entire range of customer requirements.

Failure Analysis, Materials Consulting & Metallography

Failure Analysis

Surface corrosion or pitting? Intergranular or stress corrosion cracking? Weld defects or high temperature corrosion?

Materials Consulting

The development of new components or the modification of the processes requires careful selection of materials. With our expertise, we will be pleased to support you in this process.

Metallography and Characterisation

We have an extensive range of analytical methods in our laboratories. In combination with our expertise and the wide range of test methods, we can provide comprehensive answers to your specific issues.

Electrolytic Corrosion Services

Electrolytic Corrosion Testing

In addition to the classic exposure testing of materials in corrosive media, we offer electrolytic corrosion investigations based on electrochemical methods.

Coatings Development

Suitable corrosion protection concepts are an economic factor and contribute significantly to the conservation of resources and the avoidance of corrosion damage.


The proper functioning of almost all moving systems or rotating parts depends on the interaction of the mechanical parts and their friction and wear behaviour.

High Temperature Corrosion Services

High Temperature Corrosion Testing

Reproducible testing conditions close to the application conditions are required to test the suitability of materials or to qualify materials developments for a specific application.

Development of Protective Coatings

Effective oxidation and corrosion protection is a prerequisite for the use of certain materials in many areas of application.

High-Temperature Tribometry

The service life of many technical components is significantly reduced by friction and wear.