Coatings Development

Suitable corrosion protection concepts are an economic factor and contribute significantly to the conservation of resources and the avoidance of corrosion damage.

It is important to adapt the corrosion protection concept to the respective system. We have many years of experience in the application of methods from chemical nanotechnology for coating generation or layer modification. In addition, novel techniques for coatings application such as a materials treatment by high-power ultrasound or plasma electrolytic oxidation are developed and applied.

Our Services at a Glance

  • Development of substrate adapted protective coatings on a laboratory scale
  • Modification of protective coating systems
  • Development of protective coatings for wear protection
  • Characterisation of layer systems according to standardised tests
  • Investigation of the protective effect of layer systems by means of impedance spectroscopy or Scanning Kelvin Probe

Equipment and Methods

  • Dip-coating or spin-coating
  • Screen printing
  • Doctor blade coating
  • Anodising, plasma anodising

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