Electrolytic Corrosion Testing

In addition to the classic exposure testing of materials in corrosive media, we offer electrolytic corrosion investigations based on electrochemical methods such as open circuit potential measurements, potentiodynamic polarisation (linear or cyclic voltammetry), electrochemical impedance spectroscopy or Scanning Kelvin Probe measurements.

Larger components and samples can be tested in a practical manner in the salt spray chamber. Classic corrosion testing methods in electrolytes, such as the Strauss test, Huey test, Jones test or similar tests are also offered. An extensive range of equipment with various potentiostats, test setups and additional devices is available for serving your specific testing demands.

Our Services at a Glance

  • Open circuit potential and corrosion potential measurements
  • Determination of mass loss rates from exposure tests
  • Test of resistance to intergranular corrosion or stress corrosion cracking
  • Determination of barrier layer properties using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
  • Measurement of coating delamination rates using a Scanning Kelvin Probe

Equipment and Methods

  • Temperature controlled vessels in various sizes for exposure testing, boiling media also possible
  • Numerous potentiostats and various measuring cells for carrying out electrochemical investigations in a wide range of potentials and currents
  • Measurement setups for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
  • Scanning Kelvin Probe for non-contact potential measurements in humid air
  • Electrochemical AFM studies and Scanning Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (SKPFM)

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