The proper functioning of almost all moving systems or rotating parts depends on the interaction of the mechanical parts and their friction and wear behaviour.

The various wear phenomena, whether mechanically or chemically induced (e.g. abrasion, adhesion, tribocorrosion, erosion), are direct consequences of an insufficient consideration of tribological stress in mechanical components. The phenomenon of tribocorrosion describes the accelerated degradation of a material through the effect of a mechanical load on a component in a corrosive environment. The synergetic effect of wear in combination with corrosion is often greater than the sum of the individual processes.

The DECHEMA Corrosion Center offers the characterisation of frictional properties, wear and tribocorrosion of materials and coatings. Standard tests on existing equipment are possible, as well as the adaptation of the test rigs to customer-specific problems. The range of methods is completed by extensive equipment for the analysis of wear on components (e.g. tactile profilometer, confocal laser scanning microscope or scanning electron microscopy).

Our Services at a Glance

  • Tribological characterisation of metallic materials and coatings
  • Determination of friction, corrosion resistance and wear
  • Determination of the synergistic effect through tribocorrosion, i.e. material losses due to purely mechanical effects and material losses due to purely electrochemical effects
  • Standardised testing as well as development of new testing procedures according to requirements

Equipment and Methods

  • Investigation of tribocorrosion in unidirectional (rotation) and bidirectional (oscillation) configurations
  • Ball-on-disk and pin-on-disk configurations
  • Temperature controlled tests up to 800°C
  • Variation of load, amplitude, frequency and speed
  • Application of combined tribocorrosion tests in aqueous media with electrochemical cells

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