Continuing Education: Excellent and Practice-Oriented

Our continuing education program for engineers and scientists is based on the current state of the art and seizes on cutting edge developments.

Continuing Education Courses

For every engineer and natural scientist who wants to be successful in his or her career, professional excellence is a prerequisite. For companies, the further qualification of their employees is one of the most important investments in future viability.

With our continuing education program, we close knowledge gaps, point out cutting edge developments at an early stage and transfer new methods into industrial practice. To this end, we offer continuing education courses on various key topics in corrosion, process engineering and electrochemistry.

1 Day
Oct 2021

Material Selection in Chemical Plant and Apparatus Engineering

Damage due to corrosion not only causes a great economic loss in general, it also has an immense impact on chemical equipment and plant construction in particular. In addition to the direct costs, which can quickly amount to several percent of the turnover, downtimes of plants and considerable safety risks arise. (German-language event)

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3 Days
Oct 2021

Corrosion - Basics and Investigation Methods

26. – 28.10.2021
In the application-oriented experimental course with lectures, seminars, group and individual experiments, the participants are familiarized with the most important manifestations, types, measuring methods and mechanisms of corrosion. (German-language event)

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3 Days
Nov 2021

Electrochemistry for Scientists, Engineers and Technicians

10. – 12.11.2021
In addition to the classical fields of application, e.g. battery and fuel cells, electrosynthesis, sensor technology, electroplating and corrosion research, electrochemistry also proves to be an effective tool in the life sciences and materials research. (German-language event)

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In-House Training Courses

In addition to the courses from our regular continuing education program, we offer in-house training courses specially tailored to your company, which can be conducted by our instructors on your premises.

The contents of these courses are strongly geared towards your objectives and are adapted to the prior knowledge of your employees. Questions and practical examples from your company can be dealt with and the travel expenses and costs for your employees can be reduced.

Your Benefits

  • Contents are strongly geared towards your objectives
  • Questions and practical examples from your company can be discussed
  • Course contents are adapted to the prior knowledge of your employees
  • Dates can be arranged according to your wishes
  • Reduction of travel expenses and time involved

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