Development of Protective Coatings

Effective oxidation and corrosion protection is a prerequisite for the use of certain materials in many areas of application. We support you with our many years of expertise in the development of high-temperature alloys and protective coatings.

Effective oxidation and corrosion protection can often be achieved by slight changes in the chemical composition of the materials surface which can result in the formation of a stable and protective oxide scale. Another approach is to enrich the surface of the material with elements that are known to form stable oxide scales using diffusion coatings. Stable oxide scales protect the base material at high temperatures.

Furthermore, coatings can be used to obtain other useful surface properties besides corrosion protection, such as anti-adhesive surfaces or thermal barrier coatings, by which more efficient process control can be achieved.

Our Services at a Glance

  • Development and modification of protective layer systems
  • Alloy development
  • Characterisation and qualification of protective layers and alloys according to standard tests and under near-application conditions

Equipment and Methods

  • Reactive magnetron sputtering / CVD coatings
  • Diffusion coatings
  • Slurry coatings
  • Pack cementation

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