Friction-Stir Welding

Project example electrolytic corrosion
• Materials testing
• Development and qualification of corrosion-resistant coating concepts


  • Friction-stir welding is used to obtain welded joints of different metals (e.g. Al / Mg or Al / steel).
  • Galvanic corrosion can occur in the welding zone when using such connections
  • Investigating the increased corrosion in the seam area in the case of different welded joints, also dependent on welding parameters


  • Determination of Volta potential differences in the welding zone by means of a Scanning Kelvin Probe (SKP)
  • Local electrochemical measurements (open circuit potential, current density-potential curves) on different spots of the welding seam using an electrochemical mini-cell
  • SEM / EDX analysis to investigate the formation of intermetallic phases

Customer Benefit

  • The risk of galvanic corrosion in the joining zone can be assessed as a function of the joining partners and parameters
  • Correlation of the corrosion behaviour with the microstructure of the joining zone is possible

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