Ferro Steel - Nitrate Salts

Project example high-temperature corrosion
• Materials testing
• Development and qualification of corrosion-resistant coating concepts


  • In concentrated solar power plants, the heat generated is transferred via a transport and storage medium to a heat exchanger and converted into electrical energy via a turbine
  • The transport and storage medium, the so-called solar salt, consisting of sodium and potassium nitrate, increases the efficiency of the plant compared to steam, however, new types of corrosion problems arise


  • Isothermal heat treatments in solar salt (5000 h, 600 °C) to determine the suitability of various materials
  • Investigation of corrosion resistance and understanding of corrosion mechanisms

Customer Benefit

  • Application-oriented corrosion investigations for material suitability on a wide range of materials
  • Material selection based on corrosion resistance and cost considerations

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