Dew Point Corrosion in Heat Exchangers

Project example electrolytic corrosion
• Specific test setup
• Aggressive media


  • When natural gas is combusted, sulphur dioxide and water are produced
  • Formation of sulphuric acid contained in low concentrations in the exhaust gas
  • Condensation leads to concentrated acid and thus to so-called dew point corrosion
  • For the dew point corrosion of aluminium heat exchangers, a corrosion model had to be developed through detailed studies


  • Design and construction of a special test setup for the simulation of dew point corrosion conditions
  • Mechanistic investigations and modelling of dew point corrosion on cast aluminium alloys

Customer Benefit

  • A corrosion model was developed based on the simulation of dew point corrosion on aluminium heat exchangers
  • This enables an assessment of the service life and the derivation of optimised operating conditions

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